Slovenska planinska pot


Well, it’s nothing more than a long, wonderful walk – over peaks and valleys, hills and lowlands, over the Alps, Dinaric Mountain Range and rolling terrain with a Mediterranean feel. Not to mention the edges of the Pannonian Plain, which can already be spotted early on from higher ground. The Slovenian Mountain Trail (SPP) covers all the Alpine ranges in Slovenia (Kamnik Alps, Karavanke and Julian Alps), starting with a hike across Pohorje, a remarkable hill range of magmatic origin, which stands in marked contrast to the otherwise predominantly limestone areas and is seen by some experts as part of the southeasternmost spurs of the Central Alps. Started in 1953, it is the first – as indicated by the numeral 1 written next to the markers showing the way – and oldest interconnecting trail in Slovenia. And the most direct one too, as it runs over major mountain ridges, through high-elevation areas and wonderful landscape where the Alpine and Dinaric mountains meet, accessible over Mt Porezen and the Cerkno Hills. Over the Dinaric ridges, which run to the southeast in contrast to the predominantly westto-east Alpine ridges, we move closer and closer to the sea. Then we cross the magnificent Karst Edge and fertile flysch slopes, which are laced with vineyards, to get up close to the seaside. The trail ends right off the coast in Ankaran, where we dive into the sea with the greatest of joy – no matter if it’s spring or autumn. This refreshing ritual is a perfect way to finish the most compelling Slovenian mountain trekking tour. The highest point on the way is none other than Slovenia’s highest peak, Triglav (2,864m).
Duration of tour : 30 days
Length : 500 km

Difficulty: all difficulty grades