Drava Cycling Route

Drava Cycling Route with international code R1 is according to its natural beauty and cultural diversity one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Europe.

As you enjoy the pleasures and exertion of cycling let the river Drava accompany you. It can be followed most of the way from its source in Italy, through Austrian Carinthia to Slovenia. In Slovenia the route will lead you through Dravograd, Maribor, Ptuj and all the way to the Varaždin and legran on Croatian side. The trail follows set cycling routes and less busy local roads. Because of the different types of road surfaces and a demanding ascent the Slovenian route is suitable for skilled and better prepared cyclists, it is recommended to use trekking or mountain bikes.

Path length

150 km


The route is of a medium grade of difficulty; the trail runs mainly on local asphalt roads. It is suitable for tourist recreational cycling with trekking bikes. The route is marked.


Dravograd - Maribor - Ptuj - Varaždin

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