Rekreatur is team cycling around Slovenia… For different kind of victories!

Rekreatur is just the most interesting recreational cycling event that you can imagine. In a few days we get plenty of cycling, socializing and sightseeing passing through the most beautiful Slovenian villages, towns and cities. All this mixed with the great fun and excitement of a race.

• 25 August – prologue, 30 km: Golte – Nazarje – Golte

• 26 August – 1st Stage, 100 km: Golte – The Logar Valley – Golte

• 27 August – 2nd Stage, 110 km: Golte – Ravne – Velenje – Golte

• 28 August – 3rd Stage, 90 km: Golte – Kamnik – Kranj



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Kolesarski program v Hotelu Triglav na Dobrni - Vikend paket

Videli boste okolico Dobrne. Za vikend se podajte na kolesarski izlet.

Kolesarski paket 2017 - Hotel San Martin

Uživajte v Slovenski Istri!

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