Triglav Inn Hotel ***

Hotel Triglav tells an old story, so guests arrive in delighted anticipation and return satisfied.

It has everything that you need for a comfortable rest amidst pleasant surroundings: a modern reception, an inn offering fine Slovenian gastronomy, car park, free wireless network, and a friendly team that takes care of guests from the moment they arrive. The hotel is in the centre of Dobrna and allows easy access to all the local natural and cultural landmarks. The oldest operating thermal spa in Slovenia, Dobrna thermal Spa (Terme Dobrna), is only two hundred metres away.

Accommodation advantages

Hotel Triglav is an ideal starting point for exploring cycling and hiking trails. It is worth taking time to enjoy the marvellous countryside and cultural heritage, and to visit farms where you can taste delicacies made by local farmers.

  • Cuisine: the Triglav Inn has been providing catering services since the days of Austria-Hungary. Guests have long come here to spoil their taste buds. The menu is seasonal, and dishes are prepared from locally produced ingredients.

Highly recommended

People cycle and walk everywhere in Dobrna, but to help you choose more easily, here are some tips:

  • Afternoon trip to the Valley of Mills: the 15-kilometre route is less demanding; in the meantime, you can visit the Volk Mill, which is still working, the Lamberšček Game Enclosure, Snake Castle, and much more. End your hike at a tourist farm called At Minka’s (Pri Minki).
  • A trip to the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT) in Vitanje: the 26-kilometre route is of medium difficulty.


car park

free wireless network

modern reception

friendly team

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thermal spa, cycling

Offer for hikers

hiking tips

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