Bela krajina and the river Kolpa

With its unspoilt natural environment, diverse landscape, rich natural and cultural heritage and traditional local hospitality, Bela Krajina is one of the finest undiscovered cycling destinations in Slovenia.

Bela Krajina offers numerous marked cycling routes winding between villages and vineyards, beckoning travellers with their wonderful views and their natural and cultural heritage. There are 15 different marked routes in a total length of 490 km, and you can plan these with a guide. This offers cyclists the option of easier family cycling around central Bela Krajina, romantic rides along the River Kolpa, medium-difficult tours along numerous forest trails and vineyard hills or more challenging rides to Mirna Gora, Smuk or towards Stari Trg on the Kolpa. The Panoramic roads of the cultural landscape will lead you through picturesque villages and town squares, colourful fields, forests and the tops of wine-growing hills. There are two nature parks in Bela Krajina: Kolpa and Lahinja. The main attraction is the 113 km long, clear and warm water of the River Kolpa, which provides endless opportunities for swimming and boating. The cycling and hiking paths along the Kolpa will take you from story to story, telling you of the unspoilt flora and fauna of the river, the heritage of local crafts and the folklore and gastronomic traditions.


TIC Črnomelj - RIC Bela krajina

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