Top trails

Top biking trails

We can say that the most fun is to be had by mountain bikers, since there will never be any lack of fine flow trails, and each climb wil reward you with fantastic views. But Slovenia is also a thrill for other bikers, with its country roads, epic mountain passes, valleys, river trails and lakes.

Recommended trails

Drava Cycling Route

Drava Cycling Route with international code R1 is according to its natural beauty and cultural diversity one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Europe.

150 km

Dravograd - Maribor - Ptuj - Varaždin

Cycling trail from Trieste to Poreč

Parenzana, a thin, winding line that connects all major attractions, such as the famous Euphrasius Basilica and the Savudrija Lighthouse, the Baredine Cave and the observatory at Višnjan and recently draw the attention of travellers, sightseers, tourists and adventurers

123 km

Trieste - Poreč

Trans Karavanke - Long Distance Mountain Bike Tour

The Karavanke range is a veritable magnet for mountain bikers. It has preserved their original wild environment, and the fine views and stunning gorges are simply enchanting.

240 km

Dravograd - the Tri-border (or vice versa)