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Experience this joy and connection between people in motion. This is the beginning of the mighty Alpine mountain chain, where the mysterious Dinaric Alps reach their heights, and where karst caves dominate the subterranean world. There are rolling, wine-producing hills wherever you look, the Pannonian Plain spreads out like a carpet, and one can always sense the aroma of the salty Adriatic Sea. Slovenia’s surface area is 20,000 square kilometres, and it is so diverse that each step tells a new story, provides a new experience and new feelings.


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Recommended destinations

Julian Alps - Bohinj

In the heart of the Julian Alps, the Triglav National Park is home to Bohinj, one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys.

Julian Alps - Bled

The lake with its small island and church against the backdrop of Mt. Stol and the castle on a large rock will make you feel like you are in paradise.

Julian Alps - Kranjska Gora

Venture high and higher, through mountain windows, over saddles and passes.