Terme Snovik

The invigorating mountain air, the positive energy of nature, and the pristine proximity of the mountains all lead to active free-time pursuits in the Snovik thermal Spa which, at an elevation of 462 m, is the highest thermal spa in Slovenia.

It boasts high-quality water for bathing and drinking, and an apartment settlement called Little Houses at the Edge of the Forest. Accommodation is also possible in two-bed rooms, and the spa remains open all year round.

Accommodation advantages

The Snovik thermal Spa, which has an ecological mission, is an excellent starting point for hikes across the Kamnik–Savinja Alps. When you return, you can relax in healthy thermal water, a sauna, or with a massage.

  • Breakfast and house specialties: for breakfast, house specialties and local foods are also available, whereas for lunch you can order trout, princely goulash (fištov golaž), and the house struklji.
  • Loan of Nordic walking poles and bicycles

Highly recommended

Venture alone or with a guide along easy or difficult routes. The area around Snovik Spa offers many hiking possibilities:

  • Velika Planina Mountain Pasture, Mt. Grintovec, Mt. Skuta, Kamniško Sedlo, Sv. Miklavž na Gori, Mt. Menina
  • Vranja Peč Climbing Site and the Budnar Museum House
  • Old surrounding footpaths leading past cultural heritage monuments and farms offering home-made products.


Terme Snovik

Snovik 7

1219 Laze v Tuhinju

[email protected]


little houses or 2-bed rooms

Alternative offer

thermal spa, sauna, massage

Offer for hikers

loan Nordic walk poles

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