10th Bohinj Hiking Days

15 September – 1 October

Guided thematic hiking tours:

• Hemma Pilgrimage Trail

• Bohinj Mountain Trail

• “Everything slung over your shoulder” (hike from Bohinj to Čadrg)

• Iron Age hike “Na Most po ost” (hike from Ajdovski Grad to Most na Soči)

• “On the trails of our ancestors” (high-mountain archaeological trail: Iron Trail)

• “From Valjhun, son of Kajtimar, to Bogomila, beautiful as a maiden” (hike from Ajdovski Grad to the Savica waterfall)

• Supply line for the Krn battlefield (Bohinj Walk of Peace)


Weekend of outdoor activities.

Other: films, discussions, lectures, cultural events.


Turizem Bohinj,

Triglavska cesta 30,

SI-4264 Bohinjska Bistrica

t +386 (0)4 574 75 90,

e [email protected],


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