Hiking Weekend at Snovik Spa

15 – 17 September

Friday, 15 September

  • Family hike along the trail of Snoviček the Dwarf and visit to Snoviček the Dwarf

Saturday, 16 September

  • From town to country
    Presentation of Kamnik and its old town centre, hike to Budnar Farm-house and on from Snovik Spa.

Sunday, 17 September

  • Hike to Menina mountain pasture
    The route runs from Snovik Spa to Gora Sveti Miklavž (St Nicholas’s Mount), past the Kostavska pasture to Prevala and then on to Menina pasture, where lunch awaits.


Tuhinjska Dolina Tourist Association

t +386 (0)51 313 966, +386 (0)41 633 779,

e [email protected],



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