Posavje trails package

Posavje trails package at Tourist farm Grobelnik Posavje trails package at Tourist farm Grobelnik,  leads through vineyards, forests, along rivers and streams in pure nature…. and offer wonderful views, with pleasant experience. Tour include local restaurants, offering traditional dishes, like home-cured meat products, domestic cheeses and fruit cakes  and tipical red and white wine. Region Posavje is not busy with tourists, thats why fascinates with its authenticity, hospitality and unspoiled nature. The hilly region prides itself with vineyards, orchards, slow rivers and interesting castles. Hiking trails are well developed, have different themes and stories, and are suitable for all age groups. The landscape offers medium-high mountains and hills, with the highest peaks between 500 and 900 m The program includes a climb to some favorite places for walkers, such as Bohor, Lisca and Grmada. Trails leads through vineyards, forests, along rivers and streams in pure nature…. and offer wonderful views.

Trails include local restaurants, offering traditional dishes, like home-cured meat products, domestic cheeses and fruit cakes. Cereals are an ingredient of the best dumplings and cakes and other delicacies. Wine Region is characterized mainly by dry red and white wines and fresh sparkling wines.

Natural features such as protected plants, animals and natural parks are part of the hiking trails that visitors discover in Posavje region.

Day 1: Archaeological site

Arriving at the family tourist farm, on which generations have engaged in wine production and fruit growing in the idyllic village Podvrh. Relaxed walk through meadows, vineyards and forests to Ajdovski Gradec. This archeological site is named as an archaeological park and is one of the most studied early Christian settlements in Slovenia. Hikers have time to explore the site in the middle of the green forest. On the way back, they are surprised with traditional snack of cold meets. Evening is commited to socializing in the 300 years old stone room over dinner and tasting of local wines, liqueurs and juices.

 Day 2: Climb to Lisca (938 m)

Lisca is a pear with an amazing views and extremely popular for hikers. Full-day tour (5 hours) involves a climb from the north side with easily walking through unspoilt forests and meadows. View from Lisca is beautiful and on a clear day you can see even the highest peak in Slovenia-Triglav. Along the trail you can admire some rare protected varieties of flowers, beautiful shapes and colors. Lisca is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts, paragliders and hang gliders. Evening is culinary colored with traditional local dishes and wines.

Day 3: TheTrappists trail

All-day hiking tour is tells a story about the life and work of the Trappists monks, who lived in the Castle Rajhenburg until 1881. Trappist monks, with their arrival in the village, brought huge economic development. They cultivated vineyards, fields and produced cheeses, chocolates, liqueurs, champagne … Trappist trail passes vineyards, cellars and the chapel, which was owned by the Trappists. Hikers climb to the hill Grmada (488 m) and past the church of St. Mohor back down into the valley. Along the way hikers are accompanied by traditional culinary delights. The trail ends at the Castle Rajhenburg with a tour of the Trappist exhibition and tasting of chocolate and chocolate wine.

Day 4: Wine and sun trail

Wine and sun trail takes you to the hills of village Sromlje, with the most beautiful vineyard areas, that were even appreciated by Counts Attems. They produced best quality wines in this area long time ago. Full-day tour involves visits to farms and wineries with an emphasis on organic farming. Farms offer products from organic walnuts, lavender, old varieties of apple, pear.. .The tour goes along the hills and peaks with beautiful views and ends on eco fish farm, where you will taste a delicious organic trout in the company of other traditional dishes and local wines.

Day 5: Kostanjevica na Krki- Slovenian Venice

Where the lowland jungle of Krakow slowly climbs the green Gorjanci hills, lies Kostanjevica na Krki-the only and the smallest town on the island, also called the Venice of Dolenjska. It is hard to find someone who at the sight of a lazy river Krka, on a walk through the old town, the viewing gallery collections, or the study of natural and cultural heritage of the place, would not find something interesting. The day offers tour around the island, a tour of the old town and walk along the Uskok trail that speaks a story about Uskoki, who fled to this area in the 16th century. We finish the day with canoeing on the river Krka, learning about local food and wine specialty-cviček.

Day 6: Etnoart tourism-Trail of soul and friendship

The village Kostanjek inspires with the development of eco fruit, especially Kozjansko apple, which is are a main ingridient of the local apple cake. Village is proud of the church of Sv. Vid, whose patron is St. Vid, among other things, the protector of food providers , wine growers and youth. Hiking tour provides 3 hours of walking through the woods, past the underground caves and springs of fresh water. Evening is planned in Etnoart tourism Špiler, where they prepare authentic local dishes and cold meats and innovatively combine art with tourism. The estate has stone gallery with a thatched roof, in front of which is a magnificent view to Lisca, Kum, Gorjanci and even the Julian Alps.

Day 7: Breakfast-Departure The price includes:

  • 6 x half board
  • Overnight at a tourist farm in double rooms (WC, bathroom, TV, sauna, Wi-Fi)
  • Tour guide
  • 6 x tasting of local specialties and wines
  • Max 15 people

Number of days

7+ days

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Posavje trails package

Posavje trails package at Tourist farm Grobelnik Posavje trails package at Tourist farm Grobelnik, leads through vineyards, forests, along rivers and streams in pure nature.

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